Underlay TM Solid for LVT

Underlay TM Solid for LVT


We present a super novelty: a soundproof underlay, made of modified extruded polystyrene for vinyl laminate with click system. It extends the life of the LVT lock system. 

There is a special marking-cell of 1 cm on the surface of underlay:

Special marking on the underlay cover allows to measure and cut underlay easily. 

Underlay TM Solid for LVT:

  • maintains the optimal state of the LVT coating under a long static load (for example, from heavy furniture);

  • helps to even out small ground unevenness;

  • mitigates a blow from falling objects on LVT cover;

  • reduces noise from walking and impact sound in the room floor below;

  • has a high compressive strength;

  • provides a comprehensive waterproofing;

Due to the high coefficient of load capacity, it extends the life of the LVT-panels lock system .

Our underlay is also multifunctional! It is also ideal for rooms with heated floors ( "floating" floors).

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