Solid accordion-folded underlay with vapor barrier

Solid accordion-folded underlay with vapor barrier The new accordion-folded underlay is made of extruded polystyrene 3 mm thick. Thanks to the metalized coating, the underlay also have vapor barrier and heat reflecting properties. This allows it to be used in underfloor heating systems under heating elements.
Сombination of the best characteristics of polystyrene and thin metalized film allows you to successfully use the novelty on a fresh screed floors, on the first floor of residential buildings and over unheated rooms without another moisture-proof material.
The new underlay has the following advantages:
  • good soundproofing and load capacity;
  • vapor barrier
  • heat reflecting property
  • 10.5 sq. m of the underlay in pack, which forms continuous area, where all the sheets are already fastened together;
  • easy to measure and cut off  due to marking-cells on the surface of the underlay .

The underlay will regularly serve and protect the laminate for at least 10 years, prolonging the life of the laminate.

You get a product that combines the best properties of the "Solid" underlay with European quality and reasonable price. The benefit is obvious.

To order an underlay, call your manager: +7(343)2-170-870

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