Perforated roll underlay for heated floor

Perforated roll underlay for heated floor

Everyone needs a warm and cozy home. Modern technologies offer more and more advanced, economical and user-friendly materials that allow preserving heat.

Deciding to put a heated floor at home, you should think about a special underlay for the laminate or a parquet board: quite heat-conducting, dense, but at the same time very elastic.

Our novelty - a roll perforated underlay for heated floors of TM SOLID has all these qualities. Its thermal insulation is 0.05 m²K / W, and resistance to load is 11 tons per m2. Our underlay withstands the risk of deformation from the pressure of heavy furniture, it will help to maintain and ideally distribute heat throughout the floor surface, thanks to a special perforation. The underlay is produced in rolls of width 1.1 m, length 15 m. Area of one roll is 16.5 m2.

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