New packaging for roll underlay 2 mm

New packaging for roll underlay 2 mm 27.07.2020

We are glad to inform you about changing the square of roll underlay and its packaging type. The changes refer to 2 mm roll underlay for laminate flooring and parquet and to roll perforated underlay 2 mm for heated floors.  New format roll has 10 m2 and new packaging ( the box consists of 2 parts) includes 240m2 and 24 rolls. Its very suitable for loading on euro-pallet and also provides better saving of the goods during transportation.  

The most important is The PRICE WILL STAY THE SAME.

New size of the product will let final customer to economize his expenses in case of purchasing the underlay for small rooms.  And now retail shops can set the new more convenient boxes close to laminate flooring or any other flooring products.  

For new bar-codes and other needed information please contact your responsible manager. 

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